[calligra] /: Handle z ordering of anchored shapes correctly like LO do

C. Boemann cbo at boemann.dk
Thu Feb 2 11:11:24 UTC 2012

On Thursday 02 February 2012 08:51:58 Thorsten Zachmann wrote:
> > +    virtual bool overruleChildZValues();
> I think this badly named as the standard is true and that is what we want
> to do. So we don't overrule anything. It is more like that the text shape
> wants to do something special and that should be made clear by the methof
How about:

> I'm not quite sure but I think this should only be done for the main text
> frame in words and not for all shapes. Maybe ignoreParentZValue.
And I'm quite sure it should happen for all textshapes. The children 
textshapes have are only children for technical reasons (they are even moved 
from textshape to textshape without the user's knowledge) and should always be 
allowed to be drawn at their own z level

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