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On 09/09/2011 09:01 AM, abhijeet desai wrote:
> Hi,

and hi abhijeet desai :-)

>         Please would you review these softwares i've created. They are 
> on qt and qml. The links below are of the source code incase you need 
> to check. Any suggestions are welcome.
>         Also I would like to be a part of calligra. Would you suggest 
> me in which projects should I contribute. What should be my plan of 
> action.

It depends on what you like to work at. Both of your projects seem to be 
not direct related to Calligra. We have a (rich-)text-editor already 
which is heavily based on QTextDocument and friends plus lot of own code 
that extends QTextDocument for our needs. The virtual keyboard 
application looks rather interesting. I like that it has so less code 
cause that makes it easy to understand, maintain and extend. In any case 
it's not only related to Calligra cause it could be used with all Qt/KDE 
applications. So, the Calligra-devel mailinglist is probably the wrong 
place to ask what to do with it. I would suggest a more general 
mailinglist like e.g. the kde mailinglist ( ). Since I know that the Plasma 
developers did a lot lately to make Plasma Active (including Calligra 
Active and other Active applications) proper work on other form-factors 
then the desktop, it would be maybe also an idea to ask at there 
mailing-list ( ). 
Also note that there seem to be quit some alternate virtual keyboards 
around. So, there is competition (what is good for the users but maybe 
indicates that reinventing/rewriting a new one rather the extending an 
existing one wasn't the best way to go). But then I have mostly no clue 
about virtual keyboards. So, maybe your implementation is just way 
better then the alternates? Maybe alternates don't even support Hindi? 
But then I think it's a bad idea to have one implementation per 
language. One implementation that supports all languages would probably 
be way more useful? In any case I guess asking at the more general kde 
mailinglist and/or the plasma mailinglist may give you better feedback 
on this then e.g. me is able to provide.


in TextEditor.desktop you have
what will not work if the TextEditor is installed somewhere else.

Also you have code like
QMessageBox msgBox;
msgBox.setText("Cannot delete !!!");
what is a bad idea cause
1. it is not translated (use i18n() for KDE or tr() for Qt-only)
2. imho modal messageboxes should never be used. Better use passive (non 
modal) ways like e.g. KNotification. But that's only my opinion and 
others will very likely not agree.
3. text that contains "!!!!!" is as worse as making them all uppercase.

You do
indexFive=new QModelIndex;
but never call
delete indexFive;
what means it's leaking memory.
You could also create it in the stack if it's only used in that method...


Looks like following links are related;

Also there are alternate implementations like

Hope that helped a bit.

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