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Sebastian Sauer mail at
Tue Nov 22 03:14:39 UTC 2011

On 11/21/2011 02:50 PM, C. Boemann wrote:
>> To be more productive on this one;
>> As far as I remember the idea was to establish one common brand: Calligra.
>> That means the application-names themself should not be used
>> "stand-alone" like they where before. So, it's Calligra Words and not
>> KWord, it's Calligra Stage and not KPresenter and it's Calligra Tables
>> and not KSpread/Abascus.
>> This was iirc in the spirit of OpenOffice and Apple which choose both
>> rather common names like Writer, Numbers, etc. and market them with
>> there common brand OpenOffice/iWork/etc.
>> Now to the source: seems I am not able to find it in our
>> mailinglist-archieve. Does maybe someone else remember the discussion
>> back then and has an idea where it took place?
> Oh another misunderstanding then:
> the choices were all meant to still have Calligra in front obviously
> So "Calligra Abacus"

Abacus is clearly a standalone name. That is why we do the rename at 
all. To use it as standalone in something like e.g. the "Export to 
Abacus" menu-item.

I think we need to rename Words, Stage and Plan too then to restore 
consistency or come up with a more generic name that should not be used 

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