Suggestion: depend on writerperfect directly for wordperfect/visio/works import filter

Thorsten Zachmann t.zachmann at
Sat Nov 19 14:42:07 UTC 2011

On Saturday, November 19, 2011 02:26:12 Yue Liu wrote:
> Hello,
> Recently when working on visio import filter I found I'm basically
> copy codes from writerperfect. Then I investigated wpd import filter
> in words and found it used codes from a old version of writerperfect,
> wpg import filter in karbon used a convenience method from libwpg to
> convert to svg but some apps don't support svg well. If I implement
> vsd2odg and wpg2odg I have to copy codes again from writerperfect.
> So I think why not depend on writerperfect directly? It will save a
> lot of maintenance effort, and if we want to do any improvement we can
> go upstream directly. Writerperfect is maintained by the authors of
> libwpd,libwps,libvisio,libwpg, and many distros already have
> package(libvisio has no stable release yet so we need to depend on git
> version currectly, i've made PKGBUILDs for Arch).

I think it makes much more sense to only use libvisio directly and write out 
the stuff in our filter instead of using the binary provided by writerperfect. 
It will reduce the dependencies and might also be faster. I talked to 
Friedrich at the ODF plugfest the last to days and he showed me how easy it is 
to use.


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