Voting for the best name for the Caligra Spreadsheet Application

Jaime jtamate at
Mon Nov 14 09:43:32 UTC 2011

I know you all remember all the spreadsheets names already used, but
as a reminder:

Calligra comes from Calligraphy.. Is there a similar process for the
world spreadsheet, in English or Greek or Esperanto, or another
language? It is Tabellen.... in esperanto.  Words in esperanto is


2011/11/14 Jaroslaw Staniek <staniek at>:
> On 14 November 2011 05:27, Thorsten Zachmann <t.zachmann at> wrote:
>> On Sunday, November 13, 2011 21:37:18 C. Boemann wrote:
>>> Several of us would like a better name for the Tables Application
>>> Reason is that "tables" is too often misunderstood with text tables or kexi
>>> tables. and having to say Calligra Tables all the time or "textdocument
>>> tables" or "kexi tables" are just as annoying for us speaking about these
>>> things all the time. But even users might get confused.
>>> So at the Calligra Sprint we brainstormed about it and I've set up a
>>> condorcet vote for it (including the option of keeping "Tables"). Please
>>> note that this is still just a suggestion to Marijn who will make the
>>> final decision.
>>> Reply to me or to the mailing list if you would like to be able to vote,
>>> I'll then send you a personal invitation.
>> I think the vote should be public to everyone in the community and not secrete
>> as it seems to be now. That makes it much easier to get people to comment and
>> vote.
> Paranoid question: Do you mean everyone in THE community or any
> visitor of the voting page (also sometimes using only a nick name)?
> I am asking because in the latter case it's easy to imagine votes of
> Calligra contributors may be in minority.
> I am ok with the process being open published though and it already
> is. This is not the same as voting open for everyone, MSO uses, LO
> users...
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