Brainstorming about textshape/textlayout/kotext structure

Pierre pinaraf at
Mon Nov 7 19:40:36 GMT 2011

On Monday, November 07, 2011 09:21:07 AM Pierre Stirnweiss wrote:
> At the sprint, I'll be animating a brainstorming session about the
> structure of the text handling in calligra. This is about the structure we
> want to have for the current textshape/textlayout/kotext triplet.
> So I can organise a bit myself, and also for everyone to have a clear
> picture of who is interested/will participate, can the people who want to
> attend please make themselves known.
> Ideally there should be between 5 and 7 people (excluding myself). We
> should have the core words developers for sure. I'd also like to have some
> non words consumers of our text API (calligra active comes to my mind as
> very relevant). Also, I'd like one or two non user of our API, who still
> have some knowledge of it but who can then provide a distanced point of
> view.
> I hope we can pull Seb in with skype.
> Also for organisation of this: will there be an availability of post-its
> and A4 paper in quantity? if not, i'd need to find a place where i can buy
> this (i don't need the extra weight in the plane).
> Pierre
Count me in…

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