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Jan Hambrecht jaham at
Sun May 29 12:17:02 CEST 2011

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Review request for Calligra.


At them moment there is a problem with actions from tools which duplicate standard actions in applications. An example are select all /deselect standard actions. There are calligra applications which create these in their view classes to have support to select/deselect shapes. However some tools like the text tool do have these actions too.
When for instance the text tool gets activated, all its actions are enabled which causes the select all action conflict with that of the application (they have the same standard shortcut).
This patch fixes that as it will disable any action from the application during the activation of the tool with an conflicting action. When disabling the tool again, the application action is enabled again.
That way selecting all works in the text tool again and I could add working support for select all/deselect in the artistic text tool too.


  libs/flake/KoToolManager.cpp bf68ad9 
  libs/flake/KoToolManager_p.h 83ea4de 
  plugins/artistictextshape/ArtisticTextTool.h e9b6347 
  plugins/artistictextshape/ArtisticTextTool.cpp 68debef 
  plugins/textshape/TextTool.cpp b95e18e 
  words/part/words.rc c4aa3f7 
  words/part/words_readonly.rc b4abb2a 



Tested with the text tool, artistic text tool in karbon and stage.



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