Review Request: Use the canvas' shape selection instead of the active tool to insert an inline object

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Fri Jul 29 10:47:01 CEST 2011

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Review request for Calligra, Pierre Stirnweiss and Casper Boemann.


Using KoToolProxy->selection and casting that into a KoTextEditor is is
confusing: it is meant to allow access to the selection, not to allow
access to the complete contents of a shape. The KoTexSelectionHandler
to KoTextEditor change was meant to get away from the dependency on the
active tool.

Now we get the selected shape from the active canvas and if it has the
right userdata, get the right KoTextEditor from it, and use that to
insert the variable.
Also, KoTextEditor now return the variable instead of a bool, because
the InsertInlineObjectActionBase::createInlineObject wants to return
that object.


  libs/kotext/InsertTextLocator.cpp 2195a02 
  libs/kotext/KoTextEditor.h 02d0ef1 
  libs/kotext/KoTextEditor.cpp 70c421d 





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