Review Request: Make parsing and drawing of the vectorshape threaded (2th try)

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Tue Jul 26 18:54:06 CEST 2011

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Review request for Calligra.


Attachd patch makes the probably rather expensive initial parsing and drawing on the QImage operations in the Vectorshape threaded.

The thread will only be used to produce the QImage we are using later on to display the vectorshape. Drawing of the QImage itself is not threaded but then that's not an expensive operation like parsing and producing those QImage can be.

Compared to the previous review-request ( ) we now also handle the case that Qt doesn't support threaded font rendering what could be a problem cause some of the VectorShape-backends are using QPainter::drawText. As alternate I tried to use QPainterPath as suggested at but the results are rather bad. Looks like text rendered with QPainterPath has "quantisationeffects" (not sure if that's a proper translation to english) even if AntiAliasing is enabled (testapp is at ).


  plugins/vectorshape/VectorShape.h 4229842 
  plugins/vectorshape/VectorShape.cpp 0a28dac 





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