bundled kdchart, differences with upstream kdchart 2.4.2

Rex Dieter rdieter at math.unl.edu
Thu Jul 14 16:14:43 CEST 2011

Hi, I'm working on fedora packaging, building a standalone kdchart (so far 
so good), and trying to get calligra to use it.  except kdchart 2.4.2 (see 
http://www.kdab.com/news/249-kd-chart-update-released) doesn't seem to 
include some pieces that calligra's embedded copy does, in particular, 
KDChartRadar* classes/headers.  where does that come from?
(working against calligra-2.3.73 tarball, if that makes any difference)

Perusing git commit logs, I find this:
70c79544ed1ef29ebfc47e5fe65fd57c3d89c882 "added radar charts to kdchart and 
integrated them into kchart" from Björn Breitmeyer 
<bjoern.breitmeyer at kdab.com> , maybe it never went back upstream?

-- rex

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