Review Request: Fix hyperlink-activation in Tables

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Thu Jul 7 14:47:12 CEST 2011

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Review request for Calligra, Marijn Kruisselbrink and Stefan Nikolaus.


Sometimes hyperlinks are not proper activated (as in executed if you click on them so that Konqueror or your favorite Webbrowser surfs to the link or an executable is executed).

The reason for this are
a) The logic added with 3b274ee1f4bae850826d694b32885bcc1705dbc5 by Stefan Nikolaus on 2008-07-11 to prevent execution of the hyperlink if the mouse-cursor is not over the hyperlink's text was inversed and therefore wrong.
b) That logic tried to compare the relative to the cell defined coordinates of CellView::textRect with the mouse-position which is in absolute coordinates.

The patch fixes both cases.


  tables/ui/HyperlinkStrategy.cpp d35adaf 





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