some code warnings

Jaime jtamate at
Mon Dec 5 12:01:12 UTC 2011


  Searching for dead code, I've seen some code that I do not know how
to handle (not included in this list code that has a //todo or

In case they are intended, please add a comment with a todo or fixme
or whatever (or probably you will forget about them)

  * There is a return in the middle of QModelIndex
KarbonLayerModel::parent(const QModelIndex &child) const
in karbon/ui/dockers/KarbonLayerModel.cpp
  * There are two consecutive returns in int
AlterTableHandler::alteringTypeForProperty(const QByteArray&
in kexi/kdexidb/alter.cpp
  * There is a return at the beginning of
KexiMenuWidgetPrivate::hideMenu(KexiMenuWidget *menu, bool
KexiMenuWidgetPrivate::scrollMenu(QAction *action,
QMenuScroller::ScrollLocation location, bool active)
location, bool active)
in kexi/main/KexiMenuWidget.cpp
  * There is some code that could be executed only in the case inside
the #ifdef at line 531, and is outside
in kexi/main/KexiSearchLineEdit.cpp
  * There are two consecutive returns in QVariant
KexiRecentProjectsModel::data(const QModelIndex& index, int role)
const  (line 126)
in kexi/main/startup/KexiRecentProjectsModel.cpp
  * There is a return in the middle of void
KisFilterBumpmap::process(KisPaintDeviceSP device, const QRect&
applyRect, const KisFilterConfiguration* config, KoUpdater*
progressUpdater) const (line 225)
in krita/plugins/filters/bumpmap/bumpmap.cpp
  * There is more code after the first return of KoShape *
KoPADocumentModel::childFromIndex( KoShapeContainer *parent, int row )

  int KoPADocumentModel::indexFromChild( KoShapeContainer *parent,
KoShape *child ) const
in libs/kopagesapp/KoPADocumentModel.cpp
  * There is a return at the beginning of void ProjectTester::mustStartOn()
in plan/plugins/schedulers/rcps/tests/ProjectTester.cpp
  * There is some code after the return in QVariant
StylesModel::data(const QModelIndex &index, int role) const (line 98)
in plugins/textshape/dialogs/StylesModel.cpp
  * There is some code after the return in QVariant
TableOfContentsStyleModel::data(const QModelIndex &index, int role)
const (line 90)
in plugins/textshare/dialogs/TableOfContestsStyleModel.cpp

Best Regards.

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