Use of the Calligra name

Jaroslaw Staniek staniek at
Wed Dec 29 18:57:25 CET 2010

Regarding quality, between not doing anything and trying our best,
there's a lot of possibilities.
I also think that assuming we have good intentions can help too.

I see the policy as tagging the releases with our sign, and our names.
Taking some kind of responsibility (not as in law).
The sign is Calligra, that's all.

Features back-ported with separation of the development process make
_different_ software that would IMHO be better not called Calligra
version x.y.

Users and distributors have all the freedoms assumed, but giving the
freedom (in worst case) of pretending that any patched Calligra
software is still Calligra would be as big abuse as giving the freedom
of forking Deban/OpenSUSE/Fedora and still calling the fork

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