Calligra development wiki migrated and cleaned up, plus one proposal

Jaroslaw Staniek staniek at
Sun Dec 19 12:27:36 CET 2010

1. Just to inform you that the Calligra development wiki has been fully migrated from and cleaned up regarding orphaned or obsolete pages.
If you're app maintainer (or not), and there's someting to improve
(e.g. s/KOffice/Calligra/), do not hesitate to do so. You can contact
me to delete unwanted page (I've got needed rights to do so now).
Pages can be also moved (renamed).

The last orphaned stuff has been linked to

2. What I propose more is to take notes on design, proposals, share
links, results of discussions, and anything related to development on
this wiki, under give link, e.g. Calligra/Words, Calligra/Libs, etc.
_instead_ of creating files within our source code tree. It may be
possible that we'll fetch the wiki for distribution and put in our
source code for offline use, with simple script using wget. Thus in
git we'd only have generic files like README, COPYING, etc. How would
you like it?

PS: I encourage to read

regards / pozdrawiam, Jaroslaw Staniek
 Kexi & Calligra (,,
 KDE Software Development Platform on MS Windows (

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