[Bugsquad] KDE Bug Triage (13th-16th of August)

Michael Leupold lemma at confuego.org
Wed Aug 11 23:55:20 CEST 2010

Javier Llorente wrote:
> It’s my pleasure to announce the next KDE Bug triage :-)
> It will begin next Friday (13th) and end on Monday (16th).
> The aim of this bug triage is to help make KDE a bit better. You don’t
> need to have any special skills. The most important thing is that you’re
> interested in helping us to clean the bug list so developers can focus on
> fixing the bugs!

Unfortunately I'll be out all the weekend. I do however wish you good luck 
and a whole lot of participants. Try not to send too many of those nasty 
buggers upstream :-)


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