[Bugsquad] KBluetooth bug day

Alex Fiestas alex at eyeos.org
Thu Dec 10 02:24:19 CET 2009

On Wednesday 09 December 2009 23:23:15 FiNeX wrote:
> In data mercoledì 9 dicembre 2009 22:31:21, Darío Andrés ha scritto:
> > That would be useful to have a clean environment, however, to test a
> > "small" app/platform like kbluetooth, wouldn't this be too much ?
> dunno... maybe a livecd could be useful not only for a
>  blue-crush-tooth-day, but even for other bug/crush days... why not?
A live cd would be perfect!
Opensuse 11.2 base (update bluez, dbus, Qt, etc) + KBluetooth SVN is the 
perfect environment.
 Is possible to have a liveUSB too? they're faster than liveCD, would be nice 
have it for the lazy users :p.


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