[Bugsquad] Long range planning (and Seli background)

Alex Spehr zahl+kde at transbay.net
Mon May 19 08:14:40 CEST 2008

The silly Seli challenge:
For those of you who haven't heard about it, Seli aka Lubos Lunak (with
lots of little accents I can't do here), made some comments about BugSquad
and how useful we'd be or something with the quote:
I'll believe it when I'm not in the commit digest.

So I told him I'd make it my personal goal. To make it sillier, he
agreed to dye his hair blue for an aKademy if we could *consistently*
keep him out of the top twenty bug closing list. ie

Now Ossi was pretty dubious, so he offered, er, yeah, to dye his hair
blue too. Ok, he got more detailed in restrictions and got me to agree
to turning *my* hair blue:

Ok, so that's background. What does this actually mean? 
We're being asked if we're a long-term viable group. How big can we 
grow? How big should we grow? What motivates people? How do we not burn
out? How long are we likely to keep people until they end up either
a) being killed by their Significant Others, b) bored, c) developing?

I see BugDays as being a great way to train new people and bring them
in. Now we need to figure out what exactly to do with them. I mean,
surely not everybody wants to do Konqueror bugs. And I'm guessing we
only have 1000 or so of them left. 

So do we set up triage teams of people who want to talk to developers
of a particular package, and keep up to date with them? Do we all fight
over incoming triage? (How many a day do we get?)

What do you think?

Technical triage notes:

SVG in khtml is under a rewrite as a google summer of code project, so
its been requested that we ignore those bugs for the most part. 

KOffice is undergoing major code change and is ignoring 1.6 bugs, but
2.0 is still alpha. So they've requested we not waste time on their bugs
until 2 is out. 

KHTML really doesn't want to futz with 3.5.x. Be very nice, but close 
their bugs if it works in trunk. 

Kopete is still fixing 3.5.x bugs. 

The MS-Windows port doesn't get many bugs to b.k.o, but to their
mailing list. I think they want us to redirect any that seem to be
platform specific. 

Other projects...??? Have you talked to them? (Ok, that possibly should
have been it's own post ;)

Oh, and a big thanks to everyone who helped out (yesterday?)! You
were great! 


cc'd to Seli & Ossi, because I love blue hair, and maybe they have
advice for us. 

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