Seg fault 2.2.0

Justin Brown justin.brown1.1 at
Thu Oct 8 02:07:32 UTC 2009

Hello,I updated to 2.2.0 recently on Fedora 11 AMD64 using the testing
repository. Amarok is seg faulting quite a bit now. It always seems to
happen during a song transition. I'm using a dynamic playlist (100% stars=0)
with only a single local collection, and the only widgets I have are Current
Track, Lyrics, and Video Clip. Unfortunately, the bug crash report that KDE
generates "does not contain enough information"; it basically just says it
seg faults. It's not really a huge deal, but I haven't seen anything on the
mailing list about it, so I wanted to let the devs know. Is there any other
information that I can provide?

Justin Brown
justin.brown1.1 at
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