GSoC Proposal First Draft: Media Device Feature Completion in Amarok 2

Alejandro Wainzinger aikawarazuni at
Sun Mar 22 02:27:27 UTC 2009

Hello all.  Here is the first draft of my application related to media
devices support enhancement for Amarok 2.  It should look very similar
to the one last year in format, since I used that as a template.
Please offer any suggestions on what I should add/remove/touch up.
Thanks, and here's a link to a pdf version just in case:

Media Device Feature Completion in Amarok 2

Alejandro Wainzinger


Basic media device support for iPods and MTP devices is present in
Amarok 2, but the lack of feature parity with Amarok 1.4.x is stopping
many people from partly or fully adopting Amarok 2.  Missing
components for iPods/MTP include: playlist support, maintenance
support (e.g. initializing iPod, see %free space), and full GUI
feedback for every operation performed.  Universal Mass Storage (UMS)
support is missing altogether, and UMS devices are the most commonly
available media device.  The aim of this project is to reach feature
parity with Amarok 1.4.x in terms of iPod, MTP, and UMS device


The following have already been implemented for iPods and MTP devices:
Device Recognition, Connection
Displaying of Device Tracks
Copying/Deleting Tracks
Tag Editing
Playing Tracks from Device

The following are what will be implemented in this project:

      2.  1.4 Features for iPods:
Initialize – delete all tracks on the iPod, replace database with a
new blank one
Stale and Orphaned – find music files on the iPod that are not in the
iPod database and add them; remove tracks in the iPod database whose
associated file is not on the iPod

      3.   GUI Feedback

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