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Thu Feb 26 21:26:35 UTC 2009

my name is Krzysiek. Together with my friend - Piotrek - we plan to create a
plugin to amarok.

    Many people who use Amarok have big collections of music. We want to
create a program that would allow the creation of intelligent playlist.
Playlists would not be created "in the traditional" way, but will be created
automatically. User have to define only what kind of music he wants to
listen - fast or slow and sad or happy. The program will automatically
select the appropriate music from the collection of songs that match your
criteria. This would be something like "senseme," which action can be seen
on film:
The program will not benefit from any additional information, such as tags.
It will operate only on the basis of the description of the acoustic wave
track. All we will need is music in some format such as ogg or mp3.

The project could be further developed. The next step could be the situation
that user indicates some work in collection of music and system would choose
similar works for him.

We know that many people will say that is not possible. I suggest them to
familiarize with the following work: This
project will be implemented in two courses in our study - Neural networks
and automatic acquisition of knowledge. It will also be a basis for further
work on my thesis (master thesis).

We think, this would be a great idea for Google Summer of Code, which we can
Please say what think you about this idea. We hope for feedback ;)
This project will make Amarok and KDE more intelligent!

We apologize for our english.

Best wishes
Krzysiek (zehoss at & Piotrek (vesemir at

We could change the world if God would give us the source code...
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