Its that time of year: Google Summer of Code 2009

Ian Monroe ian at
Sun Feb 22 02:35:19 UTC 2009

Google Summer of Code is a pretty neat opportunity to work on an open
source project for the (N. Hemisphere) summer and earn a stipend of
$4500. I've done it twice as a student for Amarok and its a lot of

We've started to collect some project ideas at:

It should be noted that there's no guarantee that KDE will be selected
again this year. But KDE has been a part of GSoC every year and last
year was the largest project. So its not a waste of time to just go
ahead and depend on it. :)
The important dates:

The earliest you can submit is March 23rd. I would suggest submitting
on this date as it would give your application the most visibility.
Its important to work with us to help review and refine your proposal.
Amarok has to compete with all the other KDE projects so we want to
make your proposals just shine. :)

The archives of this list from last year are actually a great resource
to see the sort of proposals people send in.


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