"Audio Media Player Application of the Year - Amarok"

Mark Kretschmann kretschmann at kde.org
Fri Feb 13 08:31:43 UTC 2009

Dear Amarok users and contributors,

I'm happy to announce that Amarok has won this year's
LinuxQuestions.org "Audio Media Player Application of the Year"
member's choice award [1]. Here's the exact result:

"Audio Media Player Application of the Year - Amarok (48.80%)"

A big "Thank You" goes to the LinuxQuestions.org community, our
contributors, and of course to our users :)

Happy Amaroking! :)

[1] http://www.linuxquestions.org/questions/linux-news-59/2008-linuxquestions.org-members-choice-award-winners-704226/

Mark Kretschmann
Amarok Developer
www.kde.org - amarok.kde.org

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