amarok bugs & suggestions

LtWorf ltworf at
Tue Feb 3 16:43:50 UTC 2009

Hello, am writing here some bugs and suggestions because they're many and i 
don't have time to fill so many bugreports.

1 The space in the middle used by those applet is mostly useless, removes 
space to usefull things such as playlist and collection.

2  User should decide if wants the playlist in the middle or in the right

3 when connection goes down, it is impossible to play also local tracks 
because of "too many errors"

4 Download album from magnatune does nothing.. Sure doesn't make me think i 
should buy things using amarok if it can't do an easy task like a simple 

5 where is the random button?

6 after a smooth closing, sometime old playlist isn't resumed

7 the old way to putting stars was better. now i can only rate the actually 
playing song, not one that is just finished.

8 is there any way to have dcop back or at least have VERY detailed doc about 
dbus? my remote control daemon will not work...

9 deleted files do not disappear from the collection

I hope one day i'll be using the new amarok.. but for now it is very far from 
being comparable to the old one.


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