PlaylistItem enabled calculation change, dynamic playlists may be broken

Rich rich at
Fri Sep 29 15:16:02 UTC 2006

Jeff Mitchell wrote:
> I tried to be careful in determining which value should be modified where, but 
> I anticipate that there could be some issues in Dynamic Playlist mode, so 
> I'll be testing it, and hopefully other people will be as well (read:  PLEASE 
> TEST IT  :-)  ).  We have a ways to 1.4.4, we're in no rush, so should have 
> plenty of time to iron out the kinks.

just wanted to tell that i have been using rev 589950 for the whole day 
with a dynamic playlist. so far i haven't seen any regressions :)

tracks are marked as enabled/disabled correctly, except one case (that 
was there before, too).

remove a track, incremental scan, close amarok.
start amarok, restore the track, incremental scan - track is not enabled 
in the playlist.
opening tag properties for the track correctly marks track as available.

that also is mentioned in

> Anyways, sorry if this breaks dynamic playlists a bit, but it will end up 
> making our life much easier anytime that we need to enable or disable the 
> playlistitems for any reason, without having to hack around the other 
> possibilities.
> --Jeff

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