mtp device with amarok

Andrew Turner andrewturner512 at
Fri Sep 29 12:17:16 UTC 2006


MTP support may not have been compiled in to the package you are using.

Go into the Media Devices section of the Amarok configuration menu,
and click "Add Device". Click on the dropdown menu of different device
plugins. If there are multiple plugins listed, but not MTP, then it is
likely the packager has chosen not to include it. If so, contact the
packager for your distro or file a wish on your distro's bug reporting


On 29/09/06, Danny Mallory <danny.mallory at> wrote:
> anything special I need to do to get a mtp device to show up as a plugin
> for Media device. Running Debian unstable, 1.4.3 amarok, with compiled
> 0.0.20 of libmtp. mtp-detect, mtp-sendfile, etc and all of the other
> utilities work perfect with my device(normal user or root). Even KDEs
> digiKam sees it and can connect but I have no clue why/how to get it to
> show up in amarok.
> Danny
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