PlaylistItem enabled calculation change, dynamic playlists may be broken

Cerneels Bart bart.cerneels at
Fri Sep 29 10:07:47 UTC 2006

Hi Jeff,

Sound like a good idea. What about a disable/enable for the dynamic
collection? If it already exists or not possible, please inform me. I don't
really know any code except podcasts and mediadevices and don't use dynamic
collection either.

2006/9/29, Jeff Mitchell <kde-dev at>:
> Folks--
> Today I was coding up better fileAdded and fileDeleted behavior with AFT
> and
> the Playlist, when I realized that a problem has existed for quite some
> time:
> we have many ways of disabling or enabling playlist items, but only one
> variable to keep its state.  This is very limiting, because items can be
> disabled or enabled for completely different reasons -- if a file exists
> or
> doesn't exist, if a file's has or hasn't been played in Dynamic mode, and
> possible other uses in the future (such as a mode where the entire
> playlist
> is played in random order, tracks being disabled as they're played).  And
> it
> was causing other problems, such as files that were detected as being
> added
> back to collection folders causing tracks to be enabled that should be
> disabled because of dynamic playlists.  Hacks around this were very
> kludgy.
> Anyways (I know how much Ian hates rambles), I came up with a solution
> that I
> think is pretty robust.  PlaylistItem::setEnabled no longer takes a bool,
> and
> should not be called directly.  Instead, you call
> PlaylistItem::setDynamicEnabled or
> PlaylistItem::setFilestatusEnabled.  These
> update the respective variables indicating whether the item should be
> disabled because of dynamic playlists, or because the file doesn't exist,
> and
> then in turn call setEnabled.  setEnabled now ANDs the various other bools
> together, only having the item enabled if they all indicate it should be.
> You can probably see how this can easily be extended: simply create a
> setter
> and getter for the new bool that indicates if an item should be disabled
> or
> not; have the setter call setEnabled when done; add the bool to the
> setEnabled ANDing of the various bool values.  That's basically
> it.  There's
> one more function I added, setAllCriteriaEnabled, which sets all globally
> so
> should also be modified.
> I tried to be careful in determining which value should be modified where,
> but
> I anticipate that there could be some issues in Dynamic Playlist mode, so
> I'll be testing it, and hopefully other people will be as well
> (read:  PLEASE
> TEST IT  :-)  ).  We have a ways to 1.4.4, we're in no rush, so should
> have
> plenty of time to iron out the kinks.
> Anyways, sorry if this breaks dynamic playlists a bit, but it will end up
> making our life much easier anytime that we need to enable or disable the
> playlistitems for any reason, without having to hack around the other
> possibilities.
> --Jeff
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