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Ian Monroe ian at
Fri Sep 29 05:36:44 UTC 2006

On 9/28/06, Martin Aumueller <aumuell at> wrote:
> KDE 4
> The optimistic estimates seem to agree that KDE 4 will be released in about 1
> year. Even more time will pass until it hits most people's desktops. What
> does this mean for us? If we start our KDE 4 port now, then we won't be able
> to release a new version for one year. A long time in Amarok's terms. Instead
> of going KDE 4 right now, we could do a lot of refactoring (port to another
> database backend, database scheme reorganization, separating internal data
> represenatation from display in order to prepare for MVC, making subsystems
> more independent, providing for better scriptability and more powerful
> plug-ins...) already in a KDE 3-based version and starting to port when a
> better timeline for a KDE 4 release is available.

Well obviously this is a disappointment, I was looking forward to Qt4
and the windows port. I had envisioned KDE4 coming out in first or
second quarter 2007.

You are correct, we should go ahead with refactorings in the 1.x
series. I suppose this means we should open up a 1.5. Opinions?

> Kexi
> I think we should have a close look at using kexidb as our database back-end.
> This would provide access to sqlite, mysql and postgresql databases with a
> unified api. In addition, this should allow users to migrate their database
> from one back-end to another.

I totally forgot about how Kexi had an API. I think its an awesome
idea. I actually did a little hacking around with litesql and it isn't
able to implement as simple a structure as simple as the 1:M
relationship, like we have with the Artist to Tags table without a
third linking table. In otherwords, its unfinished.

The main advantage I saw in litesql was that it actually stored the
version of the database and the schema of the current version in the
database. So it somehow automatically handles schema changes. Does
Kexi handle database schema changes? I just glanced at its API, it
wouldn't surprise me if it does.

Ian Monroe

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