Amarok: Ugh!

Colin Guthrie gmane at
Thu Sep 28 08:52:49 UTC 2006

Jeff Pitman wrote:
>     Well seeing as everyone else is replying about the mounting, perhaps
>     you
>     should see this bug in Mandriva:
> Yes. They are exactly the same symptoms in FC5. It must be Xine, then.
> Except, this isn't about mounting, it's about playing .mp3 streams.

Yeah sorry, I was wanting to differentiate the other replies about
mounting verse my reply about streams but I forgot to finish my sentence!!

> I'll have to check this tomorrow. It sounds eerily possible that it
> could cause the problem.

Please report back here if you make any more progress as I'd be
interested in seeing what fixes I can push through in Mandriva. :)



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