Amarok: Ugh!

Jeff Pitman jeff.pitman at
Thu Sep 28 03:01:03 UTC 2006

On 9/26/06, Seb Ruiz <me at> wrote:
> Jeff -
> Amarok doesn't handle the mounting of the ipod - we do provide this
> option as a fallback for users with older distros or kde versions
> which dont support automatic hal mounting.
> We use the kde media-manager to detect when devices are plugged in,
> and they are loaded immediately.

I've yet to see this, as described.

  If you are not using KDE, then you
> will have to connect to the media device manually (your distro/de
> might still automount it though).

I am using KDE.

  If you are running kde, open
> kcontrol and check the services page to see if the daemon is running.

One more step that you forgot here. This only allows the icon to appear
automatically in the toolbar. You have to configure it to auto-mount that
device every time it sees it.

As for sound issues on FC/ubuntu.  Both of these distributions cripple
> their users by removing all mp3 support.  For FC, you need to add the
> livna repositories to your yum sources.  I would recommend getting
> _all_ of amarok from those repos, not just the xine engine.  Also make
> sure you grab the codecs.  See:

 I did that, as evidenced by the package list provided in my email.

I've had more success with ubuntus, so try this:

I'll give this a whirl, thanks for the links.

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