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Tue Sep 26 17:12:07 UTC 2006


I just barely upgraded to FC5 and Dapper on two different systems and I have
to say that I still remain very disappointed in Linux's sound standards. How
is it that every time we dist upgrade we have to go through this again and
again? Not that anyone here can fix that, I just had to get my rant out on
the table... (Stuff like this would require or some
standards body. Though, who knows? The RPM standard didn't fly, did it? :D)

Amarok rocks and I can't imagine the traversal of the minefields of Linux
soundsystems that the developers have to go through.... crazy. Anyway, back
to the real question.

I've got this installed:

[jrp at slim .xine]$ rpm -qa amarok* xine*

I'm using the Xine Engine with Auto detect for the output. Local mp3 playing
and iPod stuff works great (except for the weird mounting issues .. but,
that's bearable). However, whenever I play mp3 streams everything goes south
real quick. I either get:

Error Loading Media
No suitable input plugin. This often means that the url's protocol is not
supported. Network failures are other possible causes.

or something like:

Error Loading Media
No suitable demux plugin.

and incessant hangs left and right. I've produced a crash as well randomly
clicking on Streams. So it either is some thread/pipe issue or some cleanup

The only two plugins I have are Helix and Xine. I don't have mp3 support in
Helix so I'm sticking with Xine.

If any of you have any hints, tips, links, or whatever, I'd love to get this
resolved. I'll look into strace/ltrace/gdb and see if I can extract anything

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