Andrew Turner andrewturner512 at googlemail.com
Mon Sep 25 15:02:48 UTC 2006

This commit basically disregards the database version information in
amarokrc, which is something I do approve of, but maybe it would be
sensible to officially deprecate the DB version info contained in
amarokrc, rather than to just ignore it in one particular case. The
logic behind that would be that it makes no sense to store the version
information of the database outside of the database, as that opens it
up to being lost/accidentally changed.

I did have a talk with Untouchable about this a few weeks ago, and we
concluded the only potential issue with the DB version numbers is
someone downgrading from a new Amarok to < 1.3 and then upgrading
again (as the info in the admin table would not be touched by Amarok <
1.3, even though the rest of the DB would be changed).

I do wonder though if there are any potential issues to using a blank
amarokrc with an old database for fields other than the DB version.
Alternatively, are there any problems to using an amarokrc of a
different age to the database and Amarok? Both these situations are
now allowed in the stats code.


On 25/09/06, Martin Aumüller <aumuell at reserv.at> wrote:
> SVN commit 588288 by aumuell:
> don't exit immediately if stats version as stored in db is our current stats version
> BUG: 134439
>  M  +1 -0      ChangeLog
>  M  +1 -1      src/collectiondb.cpp
> --- trunk/extragear/multimedia/amarok/ChangeLog #588287:588288
> @@ -29,6 +29,7 @@
>      * Show a proper tag dialog when viewing information for DAAP music shares.
> +    * Don't quit immediately if amarokrc was removed. (BR 134439)
>      * The DAAP client would crash Amarok under certain conditions when
>        kdelibs was compiled with asserts on. (BR 132851)
>      * Configuring the toolbar would disable the stop button. Patch by
> --- trunk/extragear/multimedia/amarok/src/collectiondb.cpp #588287:588288
> @@ -5342,7 +5342,7 @@
>                  query( "INSERT INTO statistics SELECT * FROM statistics_fix_ten;" );
>                  query( "UPDATE statistics SET uniqueid=NULL;" );
>              }
> -            else
> +            else if( prev > DATABASE_STATS_VERSION )
>              {
>                  error() << "Database statistics version too new for this version of Amarok. Quitting..." << endl;
>                  exit( 1 );

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