moodbar question

Joe Rabinoff rabinoff at
Thu Sep 21 19:32:53 UTC 2006

Due to popular demand (really due to Rich), and also due to my desire to learn 
ruby, well mainly due to the fact that I'm stuck in rural Iowa and I'm super 
bored yet unable to commit to Amarok trunk --  in any case, due to a variety 
of factors, I've written a ruby script that does two things:

 * renames your .mood files stored under any old naming scheme (does not apply 
if you store your .mood files with music), and
 * batch calculates all of your .mood files

I kind of doubt that those of you with ginormous collections will be able to 
calculate them all overnight, but that's ok since you can just control-C it 
then restart it the next night (it won't recalculate the ones you've already 

You can download it from the wiki page:


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