Magnatune Impressions

Christie Harris at
Sat Sep 16 23:18:01 UTC 2006

I was a little dubious about this integration - and I'm still not sure I 
*really* like the idea... but this is nicely done.
Some first impressions/niggles (some of which may already be on the TODO)...

* The font used in the artist/album info window at the bottom is huge! Is that 
hard coded?

* Do magnatune give the length of the tracks? That would be useful info to 
include if they do.

* If I click on what looks like a URL, what's meant to happen?

* Include a link to the artist's page on magnatune. At times there is a lot of 
scrolling to read info in the amarok browser.

* Instead of using the term "Genre", perhaps using magnatune's terminology 
of "Collection" would be an interesting idea?

* (this one is for magnatune themselves, possibly) geez, get your genres 
sorted out! If an artist describes their music a certain way... then it would 
be nice if the music was actually classified that way.
For example: "Wicked boy: a wicked mix of ambient/jungle/trash trance."  
okaaaay... and it's classified under "Rock"?  According to their page on 
magnatune, they're part of the "Hard Electronic" collection.

Or... is the correct info being retrieved/served? I notice the genre info on 
their website doesn't really match what's listed in Amarok. Either way, it 
hinders the magical "discoverability" of the music.

Apart from that, great work!

Cheers, Christie

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