[Gtkpod-devel] Libgpod and 5.5G iPods Part 2

Martin Aumueller aumuell at reserv.at
Sat Sep 16 21:48:25 UTC 2006

On Sat September 16 2006 18:01, Will Frank wrote:
> Also Sprach Jorg Schuler:
> >  From the filename you mention I can see that you did not download the
> > latest version from CVS -- the entire Sysinfo code has been rewritten.
> >
> > The latest gtkpod (CVS version) also allows you to set the model of your
> > iPod -- after that you should be able to transfer artwork again.
> >
> > Do you think you could try this?
> Ha-hah! That did it!
> There's a bit of extra work for me personally, because I use amaroK, and it
> will need to be improved upon slightly (it creates iTunesDB entries and
> files on the iPod but fails to properly connect the two; my scheme now is

What do you mean by 'it fails to properly connect the two'? What happens? What 
would need to be changed to make it work?

> to add the files in gtkpod, then use amaroK to write the ArtworkDB); but
> the CVS version of libgpod works as advertised, and the CVS version of
> gtkpod likewise.
> Though I did have to fib and tell gtkpod that my iPod was a 60GB black
> 5th-generation model, because there's no 5.5G or 80GB option yet.
> Thanks for your suggestion. Next time I'll be sure to check CVS first.

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