Amarok does not like my iRiver

Jeff Mitchell kde-dev at
Fri Sep 15 08:46:47 UTC 2006

Quoting Andy Kelk <andy at>:

> The first thing I'd suggest is upgrading your libmtp version as there's
> been a number of improvements since then.
> I think .10 is one which will quit if you don't have permission to access
> the usb device. If you start Amarok from a console, you'd probably see
> something along the lines of usb_claim_interface: operation not permitted.
> Make sure you have correct permissions as outlined on the Amarok wiki:

As a corollary, make sure you can actually use the functions from  
libmtp.  If the command-line functions won't connect to your device,  
Amarok won't be able to.  Usually this is a problem with udev  
permissions -- make sure you get the rules from libmtp and pop it into  
/etc/udev.d or wherever is appropriate.

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