Amarok 2 Mockup

Colin Guthrie gmane at
Thu Sep 14 09:00:27 UTC 2006

Max Howell wrote:
>> hilighting in the context browser could be a nice addition for all 
>> filters, but having a single filter for all places would be bad. or did 
>> you mean the upper filter becomes "global" filter and other filters stay 
>> in place ? if so, it could be pretty confusing if something is entered 
>> in two filter fields.
> Explain bad. I think it's good, with a possible downside for power users 
> who like multiple separate filters. It's good in my mind as you reduce 
> the immediate impact of all the separate filters everywhere. And it's 
> good because in my layout it looks like the top right filter should 
> search everything.

I like the simplicity of a of a single filter, perhaps it can be used
with a series of checkboxes (that only appear when focus is in the
filter) to it only filters certain things?

It still doesn't solve the problem of being able to filter two different
things by different terms at the same time tho'.

What would be awesome UI wise (or perhaps eyecandy wise) is if matching
items were highlighted in some way (perhaps a glow around them) and then
all the other non-matching items faded away to transparent with matching
items bunching up and sliding to the top as the non-matching items
finally disappeared. If this happens quickly it would look great.


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