Amarok 2 Mockup

Rich rich at
Thu Sep 14 07:33:25 UTC 2006

Max Howell wrote:
>> Is top-right filter field meant to filter the playlist? Cause it's not so 
>> clear right now.
> Yes, and I forgot to add the grey text saying "Playlist Filter" so that 
> would have helped. But also eventually I'd like to propose that filter 
> filters everything all at once. Collection, other browsers, playlist, 
> maybe even highlighting in the context browser.

hilighting in the context browser could be a nice addition for all 
filters, but having a single filter for all places would be bad. or did 
you mean the upper filter becomes "global" filter and other filters stay 
in place ? if so, it could be pretty confusing if something is entered 
in two filter fields.

i suppose "group by", age filter and other stuff from the collection 
browser is just not included for now, not suggested for removal, right ?

playing track marking was pretty hard to notice at first - and it seems 
that it takes already precious horizontal space in the playlist.

i don't like the main toolbar - but not because of the look or 
something, but because it takes so much space without giving any 
functionality or information in those spaces.

overall i am slightly surprised that i like such a layout ;)

hmm, about that main toolbar... i think i understood why i would prefer 
it being at the bottom - my taskbar is at the bottom, so whenever i 
switch to amarok my cursor is already near all the main controls. if it 
was at the top, that would require moving across whole desktop.

> So it's not clear perhaps because I had that in mind too.
> Max

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