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Wed Sep 6 12:16:44 UTC 2006

With all this competition copying us, how about being really innovative?
Read on for some thoughts

2006/9/6, Jeff Mitchell <kde-dev at>:
> Exaile's interface has a browser solely for radio streams.  Do you guys
> think
> this is a good idea as opposed to having it in the playlist browser?

How about a mixed playlist/context window? I'm not talking about tabs, but
actually having the context of the current track in the playlist window with
some advanced ajax like rendered page. It has the advantages of the much
hated horizontal context-browser without the terrible (and probably source
of the complains) loss of playlist space.

They also show the Wikipedia info in the playlist area, letting you switch
> back and forth via a tab.  It's a good way to show more Wikipedia
> information
> at once, but I'm not sure how having tabs at the top and bottom makes much
> sense usability-wise.
> --Jeff

Please, tell me what you think and don't be afraid to ask for further

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