Mark Kretschmann markey at web.de
Mon Sep 4 13:32:48 UTC 2006

On Monday 04 September 2006 08:03, Ian Monroe wrote:
> Just to keep folks "in the loop", Mark, Harald and I were talking on
> IRC on Sunday about some of the pretty serious bugs in 1.4.2. We
> decided that it would be a good idea to release a 1.4.3 with the
> current patchset ("patchset1") that has been released to the
> packagers, along with some additional bugs that Mark is working on
> ("patchset2").

Been discussing this with Seb on IRC: At this point we might as well just use 
trunk for the release. Cuz, by now we've piled up so many patches for 1.4.3, 
it is almost like trunk anyway. And trunk has the added advantage that it's 
actually somewhat tested by us (we use it), as opposed to a 1.4.2 with 20 
patches applied.


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