Potentially some Xine Engine bugs

Colin Guthrie gmane at colin.guthr.ie
Mon Sep 4 09:52:55 UTC 2006

Andrew Turner wrote:
> As far as I understand it, that ALSA configuration you posted doesn't
> use dmix. That's why, if your soundcard can't do hardware mixing, you
> are having these problems.
> http://gentoo-wiki.com/HOWTO_ALSA_sound_mixer_aka_dmix#Advanced_Configuration
> Have a look at this guide - the particular part I've linked to looks
> like it can be used to give dmix for a chosen soundcard (eg hw:1,0).
> If you add in a pcm.!default section like in some of the other
> examples, you can also make it the default sound device, should you
> want that.

Made me a suitiable .asoundrc file and the crossfade etc. now works 
nicely. Thanks for the adivce.

While dmix is enabled on the default/1st card in my distro, it is not 
for 2nd, 3rd etc. hense why I got into this trouble.

I've raised a bug in my distro about this so hopefully it can be fixed 
in a universal way.

Thanks for all your input/advice in the issue guys.



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