Suggestions and Compliments.

Diego Granziol diegogranziol at
Sat Sep 2 09:50:10 UTC 2006

Hello, as of last year I switched to Linux and thus having installed
Suse pro 9.3, I was introduced to your Amarok.
I would like to say first of all, well done, its an amazing program,
which looks great, works flawlessly and has some truly amazing
The thing that realy marveles me, is that rating system. So much more
sophisticatede than the 1-5 stars, it gets rated out of a 100
depending on how often you listen to it genious! Sell the idea to
Ipod. On top of that, the ability to find lyrics is great aswell.
Also, I'm glad on the hard work you've put in to make it compatible
with the Ipod and now the Zen Vision m:.
The Suggestion I would like you to consider is an economic one, as on
the site you ask for donations, which would presumably help in the
development and your lifestyle! I guess some extra money would be
As you allow the user to find the lyrics of the song, why not take it
one step further why don't you add a section called upcoming concerts
and display on the users screen future concerts a certain band will be
doing and if htey choose to buy the concert ticket, charge the company
a 10-15% refferal fee, thus helping you and the user.
On top of that, why not make it the Linux Itunes, where you can buy
music online?
You would earn what 1/4 of the costs which is 24.75c.
Together and maybe adding a discrete merchandise section, or showing
other albums of the same band, these could be extra services to the
users and extra cash flow to amarok developers, what do you say?

Also, could you improve the lyric search slightly. Basically I have a
deep purple song named Burn, but it says the artist is Dio. Could you
in the lyric search change the artist and song name?


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