second sound card amarok - how to select.

Andrew Turner andrewturner512 at
Sun Oct 15 16:52:24 UTC 2006


Assuming you are using the xine engine with ALSA as its output plugin,
there should be a section called "ALSA Device Configuration", which
lets you set the output device depending on whether it's a mono,
stereo, 4 or 6 channel device. As I have selected Stereo 2.1 in the
Speaker Arrangement box below, and have 2 speakers and a subwoofer,
the box that matters to me is the Stereo box.

By default the boxes contain:
Mono: default
Stereo: default
4 Channel: plug:surround40:0
6 Channel: plug:surround51:0

If I wanted to use my second sound card, I would change the "default"
to "plughw:1,0" under Stereo.

If you're using Helix, probably someone else can help.


On 15/10/06, W Eryk Wolski <wewolski at> wrote:
> Dear Amarok users,
> I have a second usb soundcard which I would like to us with Amarok
> instead of the primary output.
> I spend quite a while for searching the web for "second sound card
> amarok" and related keywords but without much success except of
> where on page 71 I found, exactly what I am asking for:
> I have a second soundcard and I'm using ALSA. How do I make Amarok use it
> instead of the default?
> In Settings!Configure Amarok!Engine, check the 'Device' checkbox
> and fill in the device. Typical this is 'hw:0' for the default soundcard, and
> 'hw:1' for the second soundcard.
> However in my configure dialog there is NO checkbock "Device" (Amarok 1.4.2).
> I use ALSA and the primary soundcard is called hw:0,0 the secondary
> hw:0,1 and both are working (as I was easily able to find out as a
> complete linux newbee using xmms).
> Now I would like to know how to switch the soundcards using amarok....
> Actually, what would be really cool is to be able to use both
> soundcards in parallel using amarok. If you have 2 soundcards you can
> click with the right mouse button on the song and in the popdown menu
> choose play with hw:0 or hw:1. Or is this already possible with some
> amarok plug in.
> Sorry if this question has been already asked on this list but I did
> not find a way to search the mail archaives.
> Regards.
> Eryk
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