Amarok performance tuning

Max Howell max at
Thu Nov 30 14:14:35 UTC 2006

> The reason why I had not replied yet is, most of these items simply have no
> effect on performance. There's really only two tips for getting a noticeable
> speedup:
> 1) Don't use giant playlists.
> 2) With a huge collection, use MySql or PSQL.
> Anything else is pretty much irrelevant.

Amarok shutdown is slow nowadays, threading xine_open() would have
benefits to opening a lot of tracks, especially http ones. Track
change should be profiled IMO. Nobody will ever mind startup being
faster (though it is great nowadays, gw). Otherwise the default
analyser is CPU happy, and this is my fault, so sorry there! But heh,
it would be nice to know why it

Qt4 will speed up the playlist issue.

However, I have to agree, Amarok is good for performance generally,
and always has been relative to a lot of apps.


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