different stats in context-browser and playlist browser? (was: DB problems again)

Andreas Heinz andi at a80.net
Fri Nov 24 16:55:53 UTC 2006

hi rich,

thanks that did the trick. pasting the huge query from below resulted in 
my fav albums.

but the result leads me to a somewhat funny result: on the amarok start 
the context browser shows me correctly fav albums and such. and so does 
-> tools -> statistics.

but when i drag and drop songs from collection browser or context 
browser to the collection browser, the collection browser doesnt give 
any stats but it looks like context browser fetches stats correctly, 
collection browser not?!
having a look into the database again, there are 4 devices. the first 2 
are org/freedesktop/.... which only represent the mount points of my 
local harddrives and the other 2 ones are the sharees mounted from my 

the working stats come from device 2 (a mount point one) the missing 
stats go to the nfs ones. to make things a bit clearer:
device 2: /
device 4: /storage

mp3s are in /storage/mp3s/

i have stats in my database: some are deviceid 2 with path 
"./storage..." and deviceid 4 "./mp3s".
how dows amarok determine these two in the end at the same location 
ending ones?

there seems to be two kinds of fetching stats in amarok. as far as i 
could track that down.

Andreas Heinz wrote:
> upgrading mysql would end in an handmade mysql which i would like to avoid.
> the header files against which amarok has been build are mysql4. so 
> there is a difference too.
> changing the structure in the database doesnt look that horrible, so i 
> would like to try that out. hopefully this helps.
> Rich wrote:
>> Andreas Heinz wrote:
>>> mysql is 5.0.22 ubuntu version
>> or was that 5.0.22... can you try upgrading mysql ?
>>> amarok is 1.4.4
>>> and no, mysql wasn't upgraded. i had made an mysql 4 dump and then put 
>>> it clean into mysql 5
>> yeah, seems to be the same issue, even though it was supposed to be 
>> worked around in 1.4.4.
>> if upgrading mysql is not possible, you can try changing varchars to 
>> varbinarys. i have lost full list of places where this change has been 
>> necessary, but you can try to start with statistics table.
>> replace url varchar in there (in a backup copy of your db dump :) ) with 
>> : `url` varbinary(255) NOT NULL default '',
>> there might be other places wher such a change is necessary, look for 
>> varchars with keyword binary or so and change them to vabinarys.
>> if this does not help at all, that probably is a different problem 
>> (especially as this one is supposed to be fixed in 1.4.4 _and_ appeared 
>> only in mysql 5.0.24 - or unreleased 5.0.23).
>> btw, are your mysql versions for client libs & server identical ?
>> that also can cause weird problems sometimes.
>>> so mysql 4 should be an alternative? or is this completly out of the 
>>> possibilities?
>>> Rich wrote:
>>>> migrated to mysql5 from mysql4 and using mysql version 5.0.24 ?
>>>> though this should not be a problem with latest amarok, i think...
>>>> there is a workaround for the problem i am thinking of that involves 
>>>> modifying the db, but if your mysql version is 5.0.24 and your amarok is 
>>>> not the latest version (1.4.4), try upgrading both of them.
>> ...
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