DB problems again

Rich rich at hq.vsaa.lv
Fri Nov 24 15:41:14 UTC 2006

Andreas Heinz wrote:
> mysql is 5.0.22 ubuntu version

or was that 5.0.22... can you try upgrading mysql ?

> amarok is 1.4.4
> and no, mysql wasn't upgraded. i had made an mysql 4 dump and then put 
> it clean into mysql 5

yeah, seems to be the same issue, even though it was supposed to be 
worked around in 1.4.4.

if upgrading mysql is not possible, you can try changing varchars to 
varbinarys. i have lost full list of places where this change has been 
necessary, but you can try to start with statistics table.

replace url varchar in there (in a backup copy of your db dump :) ) with 
: `url` varbinary(255) NOT NULL default '',

there might be other places wher such a change is necessary, look for 
varchars with keyword binary or so and change them to vabinarys.

if this does not help at all, that probably is a different problem 
(especially as this one is supposed to be fixed in 1.4.4 _and_ appeared 
only in mysql 5.0.24 - or unreleased 5.0.23).

btw, are your mysql versions for client libs & server identical ?
that also can cause weird problems sometimes.

> so mysql 4 should be an alternative? or is this completly out of the 
> possibilities?
> Rich wrote:
>> migrated to mysql5 from mysql4 and using mysql version 5.0.24 ?
>> though this should not be a problem with latest amarok, i think...
>> there is a workaround for the problem i am thinking of that involves 
>> modifying the db, but if your mysql version is 5.0.24 and your amarok is 
>> not the latest version (1.4.4), try upgrading both of them.

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