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Nick Andrew nick-amarokkdeorg at
Fri Nov 24 03:47:14 UTC 2006

Amarok's an awesome application.

One thing which would increase its awesomeness is if I can select a song
which it is playing, or some other song, and have a menu item "add to
playlist..." so I can add a specific song to a specific playlist.

It's an idea suggested to me by an article I read at
where the author suggests keeping a playlist of instrumental tracks.
I'm thinking that it would be nice if amarok can build this list on
the fly as I listen to normal music.

Also I have a rather large music collection most of which was played
with xmms, so when I select the playlist "never played" it selects
several weeks worth of music. Of course I can't listen to all that;
the "never played" should have some parameters - e.g. like the smart
playlists, to populate only a certain number of tracks, or to function
like a filter.

For example the main playlist could be "play random tracks" and that
could be filtered through tests like "never played" or "new tracks" or
test the genre.

Speaking of genre testing, I have a lot of spoken word / audio
books / downloaded podcasts / educational materials. When I want
to listen to music, I don't want to see any of that stuff. So it
should be possible to filter certain genres _out_ of the artist list,
playlists, random selection and so on.

Also due to the size of my collection, if amarok decides it needs
to do a new scan that tends to lock up my KDE task bar for minutes
at a time (KDE responds to the input events after 30-60 seconds).
You should really try to not have amarok take over my desktop when
it has some substantial work to do.

Here's another suggestion ... keep the track rating visible in
the task bar while the song is playing. If I miss the momentary
announcement of the song's start, I don't know if I rated it or
not and I have to go to the playlist window to check, before I
hit alt-4 or whatever to rate the track.

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