Amarok - bmp integration

Ljubomir Simin ljubomir.simin at
Wed Nov 22 08:29:38 UTC 2006

Hi devs!

I was always amazed with the amount and quality of xmms/winamp skins. Tonight 
I made a funny hack which lets you control Amarok via beep-media-player.
First I tried to hack noatun source, but I couldn't even get it to run on my 
system - it complained something about artsd, so I gave up. I wanted to make 
my own app for controlling Amarok via dcop, however I have not enough kde/qt 
programming experience, and kommander is not flexible enough. So I went 
straight to hacking and ripping bmp :)

To make a long story shorter (too late, eh? ;) this is what I managed:
	-bmp's controls (play, pause, prev, fwd etc.) fully works
	-bmp's playlist (adding/removing tracks, queueing etc) fully works 
	-most other bmp's features work

What doesn't work is bmp's visualiser, equalizer, and track progress bar.
However it feels very cool altogether :) Check this out:

To achieve this I hacked:
	- bmp, to call system("amarok /path/to/some/file"), and bunch of system("dcop 
amarok player play/pause") etc
	- Amarok, to provide playlistFinished script notification
	-, to run "os.system(bmp --fwd)" on playlistFinished 

What do you think about all this? It's great fun for me, and I'm sure some 
people will be interested in such "xmms skins support for Amarok" :D. But I 
want to ask for your opinion before eventually releasing it. I don't want do 
to anything which might harm Amarok or bmp projects, and this whole thing has 
very hackish nature.

PS. "playlistFinished" notification could be very handy for makers of 
alternative GUIs, so you would might think about adding it. I would post a 
patch, but I don't know how to make one :)

Ljubomir Simin 
Registered Linux User #351181 

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