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Mon Nov 20 16:28:56 UTC 2006

On Sunday 19 November 2006 23:07, Donn Washburn wrote:
> Hey Group;
> Say I wish to record songs heard on the Inet and played by Amarok.
> Short of a cable and a tape recorder. How would this be done while
> Amarok is playing some great music?
> Could it be piped through a program to my HD.
> I do know how to do it from the Line Output jack but I would like to
> send the music to the hard disk and make a cd or play back later.
> "" has some very nice music.  Download the files.pls and tell
> amarok where it is.  Then enjoy listening.

mplayer -dumpstream

seems to do the trick.  Using the -dumpstream option, you don't get any output 
to your sound, but it seems like you can run another player (like amarok) 
simultaneously to monitor what you are saving.

The -dumpstream option creates a file called stream.dump in '.'  Optionally 
you can also use the -dumpfile <filename> switch so that you don't have to 
rename stream.dump.

It is not documented in mplayer --help, but can be found in man mplayer.

Art Alexion

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