Smart Playlists

Peter C. Ndikuwera pndiku at
Mon Nov 20 14:20:05 UTC 2006

Hi all,

Probably should post a bug, logon to IRC, etc (or look at it myself)
but I'm in a bit of a rush.

Love the change to dynamic mode Seb - it's much faster - but...

If I create a smart playlist, say "All R&B Unplayed that was before
1999" and append this to a dynamic list that selects 10 songs from
this smart playlist...

Then, I decide that I actually want my dynamic playlist to select from
a NEW playlist "all Rock rated 3.5 stars or more" so I "edit" my
dynamic playlist and change it's source to this new playlist....

Because of the caching mechanism you created, I'll have to listen to
200 "R&B songs from before 1999" (or press "Repopulate" 10 times)
before the cache runs out and I get to hear my highly-rated Rock. :-)

Any possibility of changing the dynamic mode so that it re-caches if
it's sources change? Or maybe simply if it's edited?

(Of minor importance would be the case where I change my original R&B
playlist to songs _after_ 1999 but this is probably harder to detect)


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