iRiver ifp device integration

Peter Bittner peter.bittner at
Fri Nov 17 09:11:59 UTC 2006


(I'm new to this list, so sorry if this sort of question has been asked before!)

I have seen some sort of iRiver device support somewhere on amaroK, I
believe it popped up when I plugged in our Canon IXUS digital camera.
I am since then wondering if there could be integrated support for
iRiver IFP device for drag-and-drop of music files to the player.

I am currently using libiriverdriver (by Joe Roback) and kio_iriver
(by Thomas Loeber) as a more or less working integration into
Konqueror (on a Kubuntu Linux box). 'More or less working' because I
need root access (via sudo or kdesu) in order to write to the device
and the kio-client need manual intervention (refresh via pressing F5)
after file or folder creation.

Both can be found at:

... or via the Related Projects section on the ifp-driver project site:

My wife is a heavy user (and fan!) of amaroK but our iRiver music
player (iRiver IFP 899) remains unused recently because she does not
see a nice, 'simply working' solution to manage (or sync) file with
the iRiver music player.

So, is there some plugin system, similar to the Kopete concept or so,
for device integration? Is there some work going on? What must be done
to neatly integrate the device?

Cheers, Peter

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